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Our Restaurant “bei Freddy und Juergen” offers the choice of Thai and European cuisine as well as original German breakfast (various sausages, cheese, eggs, filter-coffee, rye bread, and much more!

For lovers of Thai food, we are pleased to offer our speciality, “stir-fried, hot Mongolian vegetables”, with a choice of meat or seafood. Or try our delicious Thai Curry.

Connoisseurs of the German kitchen are also delighted that we can offer six different varieties of Schnitzel including Cordonbleu, or try our tasty freshly grilled chickens, mmmmm.

In the peak season, from mid-November until mid-April, a buffet is served each evening offering freshly caught fish and seafood. Every Friday we have the Big Barbecue. For a low price you can eat as much as you want.

Our restaurant / bar offers numerous refreshments. In addition to a large choice of non-alcoholic beverages as well as milk shakes and freshly pressed fruit juices, we also offer a large selection of German wheat-beers, various bottled beers, or try the draft “Carlsberg-beer”.

For lovers of cocktails, there are over 17 exotic cocktails to try, including the famous Mai-Tai served in a pineaple.


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